Wash & Care Instructions


  1. Wash inside out - Turn your garment inside out before putting it in the washer to protect the DTF transfer.

  2. Use cold water - Use cold or cool water when washing your garments where possible. Avoid hot water.

  3. Use a mild detergent - Avoiding harsh chemicals and bleach can help to avoid damaging your garment and the transfer.

  4. Use a gentle cycle - Opt for a delicate or gentle cycle to minimize agitation or stress on the transfer.

  5. Avoid fabric softeners - A fabric softener has the potential to weaken the adhesion of a DTF transfer. 


Tip 1: After washing, lay the garment as flat as possible to dry it. Avoid hanging it as the weight of the wet fabric could lead to a stretched transfer.
Tip 2: If using a dryer, do so on a cool setting to avoid shrinking or damaging the transfer.
Tip 3: Do not dry clean DTF transfer garments as the chemicals used can damage the print.


When ironing a garment with a DTF transfer on it, make sure to turn the garment inside out before applying the iron. Use a low temperature setting to help ensure you’re not using excessive heat that could melt or distort the transfer. Also make sure to avoid direct contact between the iron and the transfer.

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